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Michael Anthony needs you!

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I like the idea of a more spontaneous, unscripted podcast, as long as there is a detailed outline so that the podcast has continuity and flow, but does have that warmer, more conversational tone of an unscripted speech. I also like the podcast content as is, with the history coming from any random time in British history.
I like the script.
I rather prefer the more formal, scripted podcast for the history part of the podcast, anyway. You might start and end with a less scripted part, if you like.

By the way--welcome back! You've been missed!
The scripted format is fine with me. I enjoy random bits of history, but it might be interesting to hear an historical theme run over a 3-week period.

Good idea for the guest intro... but please keep them short! 20 secs max. Listener-contributed music would be great, too.

Another idea for the end of your show...How about a historical quote? Just read the quote and see which listener(s) can identify the speaker & context. Winners to be announced next week.

I love the show and hope you are feeling better. Hapy new year Michael!
I also enjoy that you jump around different time periods. I'm all about short series focusing on a theme or time period, but overall I like the non-chronological style.
Please keep the podcast in it's current 'random' format as I never know what to expect when I listen to it on my way to work here in Tokyo. I also feel that a 'discussion' based format ( I believe you mentioned)would not be such a good idea as people[or maybe just me! ;) ] expect 'straight' history rather than an analysis of it(if that is sort of what you had in mind). What ever you choose, thanks for putting out such a great program and keep up the good work!
p.s. happy new year!
I've sent you an mp3 file with some comments on. I've put the yousendit link here. British History Comment

It looks like I'm the only one on here who would prefer it unscripted.
Well, I think I would prefer the less scripted approach, but what you've been doing works for me. I don't visit the blog very often.

Basically, I miss your podcast and I would like you to get back to doing it however you want to do it. ;)

I think a hybrid of scripted and conversational would be the right way to go. When it comes to the actual description of an event or person, the scripts work well, but it would be great if you had guests or an occasional listener roundtable.

Perhaps a way to look at the show would be to develop segments. If you have a 30 min show, spend 20 mins on the history topic and 10 on news or a guest or discussion. Just a thought...
I like the scripted podcast, but as 'rereader' said, a start and/or end with more informal, "point of view" commentary might be nice.

I like the fact that you don't follow a strict timeline and move around from topic to topic. But maybe you could add one or two comments to each topic to give a general idea of historical perspective to that particular theme. Like major world and/or British events that took place either before or after the timeframe you are covering.

Overall - good job with the podcast. Glad you're back! Always enjoy listening!
I prefer an unscripted, more conversational podcast, but you should still post a general outline so we can follow-up on what's discussed. It is especially important to post sources so we can learn more about the subject, if we want.

I have no problem with bouncing around in time. It would be impossible to just do podcasts in chronological order.

I listen for the history not the music. Most of the time I just skip over the music. If you want to do a musical podcast, go for it. But keep the music on this podcast to a minimum.

On that note, keep any introductions or theme songs short. I've heard some podcasts that seem to have infinitely long introductions. As I said, I listen for the history not the introduction or the theme music.

Most importantly, create podcasts in a more timely basis. They are good when they are done but are just too infrequent.
I like the script better. There are other history podcasts out there, which don't use much of a script and half the podcasting time is taken up with "ehems" and "and anyways" and "like".
I was a British history major in college and I see this broadcast as a chance to get my fix. Most educational TV programs assume you have no background in the subject. Perhaps it might be interesting to pose a discussion topic at the start of the segment and invite people to share their thoughts and topic resources here. Then you could read over and discover what your audience is interested in, what background they already have, etc.
I love the skipping around, since I'm interested in all periods of British history.
I'd also like to add that most of the history usenet groups have devolved into spam factories or screaming matches about anything other than history, which was quite disappointing for me.

I just recently discovered your wonderful podcast. Like during Thanksgiving. I enjoy the format of the current show but will remain open to whatever is decided by the majority of other listeners.

I've really missed your cast these past few weeks. But don't feel bad. I can only image doing this on a regular basis and some full-time job can really get into your personal time.

And I do like that you offer random topics and not some chronological flow of history. How boring. As for spanning topics over multiple weeks, sometime the subject is just that big.

Now can we get back to Henry VIII part II? :)

Finally as for suggested topics for future casts. I just finished reading the book Agincourt by Juliet Barker. A wonderful story. Just would like to hear more on Henry V.

1) I'd prefer a chronological presentation.
2) The music is nice, but...I listen for the history.
3) Would you consider tracing themes and institutions as you work your way through a chronological history? For example, I'm reading a book "To Rule the Waves" by Arthur Herman (also wrote "How the Scots Invented the Modern World") and in it, Herman examines the pivotal role of the British Navy from the time of Henry VIII to the present--great read. I would think that you could possibly alternate a looking at institutions like the Navy with the Monarchy, the role of PM's, the people (rise of the middle class...just a thought.
4) This idea isn't necessarily for you alone, but...I wonder if you might not be able to pull of a "10 Empires" collaborative podcast. Not sure how this would work but was thinking that you might now other history oriented podcasters and perhaps you could get together and each take your area of interest and do a once-weekly, once-monthly compare and contrast session in which you'd each talk about common theme and things about, in your case for example, that were/are uniquely British. So...the Roman Empire, the Persian Emprise, the Greeks, The Brits, the Spanish, the Chinese, the Japanese...might be a way to build a broader listening audience.
5)For what you've been doing, the scripted approach works well. Recommend sticking with it through the first few times you "teach this course". Once you do it a few times, then you might back off the script and go it from your notes...based on experience teaching.
Great podcast and keep it up.
I prefer the scripted history lessons. It gives the podcast structure and feels like a history lesson. I can integrate the casts into the history that I already know about Britain.

I also don't mind the fact that the podcast jumps around in history, but I also like the short sequences you had, like with the Battle of Hastings. Doing groups of podcasts that do go in order or have a common theme would be great.

Finally, as a listener, I'm looking for just the history parts, and I admit to going on to the next podcast once the scripted history portion is over.
Hi ,

I like the script as it is the format that you work best in. You are a different to Matt D and that is OK. That does not mean you cant loosen it up a little if you feel like doing it, it is more that trying to sound like someone else may not really work.

I also am OK that you jump around and pick out interesting events in British history, to me it keeps it fresh.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next release,

Sydney Australia
I have to say, I like the sccript.
I think you are caught up in different desires. You are really enjoying podcasting, are pleased to be able to help promote other podcasts & like the feeling of community & connection.
However, if you were scanning itunes for history or British history, what kind of site would you like to find? How much would you like the podcast to be scripted and focused?
I, personally, expected to learn something about British history. I expected it to sound professional to some extent, at least like a university professor.
I understand how you might be getting caught up in the moment, connecting with your audience, enjoying the feeling of broadcasting. But the format of the 1/7/2007 show, i.e. just rambling & being even more casual, focusing on music, etc., is not what I expected.
Doesn't mean it couldn't be great, just doesn't appeal to me. Good luck with the podcast!
I think I prefer the scripted history... I think it feels a little more "credible" or... well-researched maybe. I'm not really sure. I don't really mind one way or the other if the material goes in chronological order... I do like the idea of maybe doing "themes" like... a few chronological pieces on the the Tudors or something.

Perhaps to inspire more listener-participation through discussion, at the end of the podcast you could post a question related to the material for listeners to respond to. Just a thought.

Keep up the good work! My whole family loves to listen! Please, please post again soon! We're waiting on more on Henry VIII!!! :)
I also would like to hear the podcast as an off the cuff extemporaneous talk on British history. Also, I like the idea of doing a few casts on a specific topic/theme. I don’t think it needs to be chronological. Thanks for a great podcast!
i think you'd like to know your podcast is a success in brazil! i personally prefer to listen to history in a more spontaneous way and in cronological order. it's up to you to divide the topic in one or more podcasts. BTW, where can i find the continuation to henry VIII? thanks for your wonderful job!
Hey, Michael--are we going to get more of your podcast? I miss you!
I am new to podcasts and relatively new to British history.

I thoroughly enjoyed your Henry VIII podcast and look forward to part two.

I like the pocast how it is. When are you coming back? I've missed the history.
1. I like the script, but it would be nice to hear you read it in a more natural tone of voice.
2. I like the chronological random-ness.
3. I agree with John Matthew IV -- I listen for the history, not the music; and I would like to see the podcast produced on a more regular basis.
4. I really love the history you give us -- I've learned a lot of fascinating stuff from your podcasts, even when I felt I already had a good grasp of the subject at hand. Keep up the good work!
This is the first one of your podcasts I've listened to. You seem to be wonderful at the more spontanious recordings but prepared also has its perks. I think you should do whatever you feel comfortable with at that time. I know I will enjoy your podcast episodes very much, and I'd like to thank you for your effort to spread the teachings of history--this is the most important subject a person can learn.
As rereader said, I like the formality of the script but with the added personality. For some reason, I like to know who I am listening to. Can't find a bio anywhere.
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